Despite what you may have seen or heard in Amateur circles the basic process has not changed, now that Australian Maritime College (AMC) runs the Amateur Radio Assessments on behalf of ACMA.

To obtain an Amateur radio licence the following is required:

There is a syllabus for each grade of licence issued by ACMA

You either do a course of study or self study to learn the required theory and regulations

When you feel competent to sit for the assessments you contact an AMC Amateur Radio Assessor to arrange a suitable time or enroll to do the NEVARC Foundation Course which has arranged with AMC assessors to provide assessments after the course

The elements of the assessments consist of, Practical, Theory and Regulation relevant to the grade of licence being assessed.

The practical is included at no extra charge for all grades. If you are upgrading your licence level the practical is not required if you have passed it before.

If you are upgrading from the Standard to Advanced level and have not sat the practical before you will have to sit the practical assessment. (ACMA Requirement)

The AMC Assessment process, Contact an AMC Amateur Radio Assessor (this can be done through the AMC website or VIA NEVARC)

The AMC assessor orders an exam pack from AMC

The candidate sits the assessments. the exam pack is returned to AMC for marking of the Theory and Regulations papers, the practical is assessed by the AMC assessor along with the assessment papers the candidate returns a recommendation for a call sign form and an ACMA application for a licence form.

If you are successful AMC issue a certificate of proficiency and forwards your licence application to ACMA.

NOTE That as before AMCA issue an email invoice for the license fee, this fee can be paid on line.

Once paid your licence detail will come up on the Radiocommunications data base. From there you can download your licence details and print out a copy of you licence. (You are required to display a copy of your licence at your station)


So you might ask what has changed, answer only the AMC paper work and procedures.

If you have and further questions or need classifications contact

Frank VK2BFC
NEVARC Education Officer
AMC Amateur Radio Assessor

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